7 things you didn’t know about Disney

Jenny Glasscock, Features Editor

Disney is one of the most well-known companies throughout the world. Many people grew up watching Disney movies and Disney Channel, going to the Disney theme parks and dressing up as Disney characters for Halloween. Although the company is so big, there are plenty of little known facts that even the biggest Disney fanatics may not know!

1.        In Disneyland, 200 feral cats come out at night to keep the rodent population under control. Nobody knows when the cats first showed up, but they live among the shrubs and trees at the park during the day time. Workers don’t mind them! In fact, there are five permanent feeding stations for the cats throughout the park.

2.       Cinderalla’s last name is Tremaine. Disney Princess Cinderella’s evil stepmother married Cinderella’s father and became Lady Tremaine. So it’s plausible to assume that it’s Cinderella’s last name as well.

3.       Walt Disney World Resort is around the same size as San Francisco. That being said, only 35% of its 27,000 acres are developed. So if you’ve never been, you can imagine it’s pretty huge.

4.       An entire language was created for the Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Linguist Marc Okrand, the creator of Klingon from Star Trek, made the 29-letter language Antlantean for the animated movie.

5.       You can’t see the outside world from anywhere in Disneyland. Even if you go to the highest point in the park, you cannot see the world beyond. However, this excludes the main gate. Once you go through the tunnel, you’re completely immersed in the park.

6.       The CGI Walt Disney Pictures opening logo was first unveiled in 2006. The movie Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest was the first to use the extravagant opening that’s now used before Disney movies.

7.       Walt Disney had an apartment above the firehouse on Main Street USA in Disneyland. He had the fully-functional apartment placed above the firehouse so he could watch all the action in hidden view. The apartment still remains almost exactly how Walt left it, with only a few pieces of furniture replaced.

There are thousands of little facts about the Walt Disney Company that help make it so magical. This list barely scratched the surface!