Artist profile: Ronnie Day

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

Ronnie Day (Ronald Guglielmone) was born in January of 1988. After testing out of high school at the age of 16, Day began giving guitar lessons. Once Day gained the money to buy recording equipment, he locked himself in his room and began to write. Day finished his first album, Nine Sleepless Nights.

By continuing to teach guitar, he came up with enough money to release another album. He gained a base of fans while working the Internet marketing angle. In time, Day took his mom’s car and began to tour across the country. Along the way, he sold a few EPs.

Eventually, Day moved to Los Angeles to record with two other artists. While in LA, Day’s girlfriend of three years broke his heart, constructing the inspiration for his full-length debut The Album. He released The Album through The Militia Group in 2006.

Ronnie Day gives an acoustic-pop type feel to the music industry. His music is full of emotion and, at many times, easy to relate to.

Though his birth name is Ronald Guglielmone Junior, Ronnie Day adopted his surname from MySApace suggestions. Today, Day has over 20 songs for sale on iTunes.