Return of the force

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

In a galaxy far, far away, the highly anticipated seventh installment to the blockbuster classic Star Wars franchise is in the works.

On October 30, 2012, mega-label, Disney, bought another high powered company by the name of Lucasfilm. This deal is similar to the $4 billion that Marvel was bought by in 2009 by Disney. The deal that will conjoin the two forerunners in the media world was reportedly worth $4.05 billion. The Disney representatives that were in charge of the agreement are planning on continuing the popular franchise, Star Wars, with another three movies. Disney is set to release Star Wars XII sometime in 2015, followed by Star Wars XIII and Star Wars IX in the very near future.

As part of the super purchase, Lucas requested an extensive story treatment from Disney for the seventh segment. No details were revealed about the plot, but it was promised that none of the three following films would be directly built off the numerous stories, graphic novels, or additional materials that take place during the post Episode VI time period.

It was confirmed that George Lucas would not be the director of the sequels. No directors were named as of the purchase. However, Steven Spielberg, Neill Blomkamp, and Alfonso Cuaron are in talks to direct said films. Some of the predominant actors that were well-known for their Star Wars roles are stepping up to the plate to take part in the upcoming follow-ups. In addition to Carrie Fisher’s portrayal of Princess Leia and Mark Hamill’s representation of Luke Skywalker, Harrison Ford is open to the idea of completing his run as Han Solo. Ford promised that if he took part in the seventh episode, it would certainly be his last, foreshadowing a Han Solo death scene. In an interview, Ford told ABC, “I thought he should have died in the last one to give it some bottom. George did not think there was any future in dead Han toys.” There is no report as to how much each actor or actress has been offered to return back to their characteristic portrayals.

Many Star Wars fanatics do not have the same enthusiasm as the actors. Some people feel as though, in Disney’s stint in trying to recapture the magical space venture for future generations, they are beating the franchise into the ground. While Disney did indeed create some of the most recognizable characters and storylines that have ever been produced, they may not be able to do so with these movies. Fans feel as though Lucas has already created a name for the characters his movies share. Fans also believe that, because of the kid-friendly movies Disney has been known to produce, they will dumb down the legendary series.

Disney sees plenty of retail future with Star Wars sitting on the same toy shelf as Marvel and Pixar. Whether original Star Wars fans like the idea or not, it will surely be odd seeing the trademark magical kingdom appearing before the scrolling text of the longstanding Star Wars films that supporters are used to.