The many joys of Youtube

Jennifer Glasscock, staff writer

When ever bored on the internet, one of the most entertaining things can be looking up YouTube videos. Some can be adorable cat videos to cheer you up, while other can be informative, or it can be used to just make you laugh a little bit.

While YouTube has the most variety of any topics, one of the biggest would probably be the music.  You can see your favorite singer’s new music video, or look up a new band and give them a listen. It also is reasons why some acts become famous by putting up videos of them singing songs. There are millions of videos of people trying to become a celebrity.

There is also another big reason people go one YouTube and that of course would be hilarious videos. From people falling over, weird funny things happen out of the blue or just straight up comedy YouTube is loaded with them. There great to look up to share with friends or just put a smile on your face, because of how ridiculous the video you just watched is.

“YouTube is such a great entertainment; I find myself spending hours upon hours clicking on random videos that lead me to somewhere strange.” Say Senior, Meera Gosein

YouTube can also put a smile on your face because of how cute some of the videos are, these videos usually include babies or animals. It’s perfect for when you’re having a really bad day and you search “Large cat in tiny box,” or “Twin babies talking to each other.” You just get overwhelmed with cute and can’t help but have a smile from ear to ear. You just get overwhelmed with cute and can’t help but have a smile from ear to ear.

With many advances in technology over the past 20 years, YouTube is defiantly one of the biggest.  It’s a way to share moments with the world that could cause laughs, tears, or information. Or share one of the best gifts music.