Top ten Disney moments

  In all the lives that fill the building of Joliet West, the imaginative and heart touching stories of Disney/Pixar movies have captured our attention and provided us with memories that will never be forgotten, unless you get a concussion or something that might alter your memory.  From birth, Disney movies have brought fictional and imaginative ideas into people’s real life situations. So without further ado, here are the ten inspirational Disney/Pixar quotes that are sure to bring back memories.

10. “Whooo are youuu?” –The Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

                Alice in Wonderland is a movie about a child’s imagination. Alice runs away from her reality and into her made-up world and while she is there, she makes many new friends. When Alice first arrives in Wonderland, she meets the caterpillar. At this point, Alice realizes she does not know who she is and she begins a quest to find out the truth. Alice finds herself lost in her mind and she learns that she should be herself and not be influenced by people around her.

9. “Why is my reflection someone I don’t know?” –Mulan from Mulan

                Mulan questions herself because she wants to be a warrior and follow in the footsteps of her father. Mulan takes the place of her father in a war against the invaders of China. She discovers that she can do whatever men can do. She also falls in love with her commander and they save the empire together.

8. “Earth is amazing. There are things called farms. They put seeds in the ground, pour water on them and they grow into food – like pizza.” –Captain B. McCrea from Wall-e

                 Wall-e is centered around a robot that compacted garbage on the remains of Earth.  Wall-e met a droid from the Axiom ship where all the humans lived. All the humans living on the Axiom ship don’t know what life is like on earth and the Captain said this based off of discoveries he made. Wall-e and the Captain learn that you shouldn’t let anyone else decide what you are going to accomplish in your life.

7. “I was hiding under your porch because I love you.” –Dug from Up

                Up is about a widower who fulfills his and his late wife’s dream to go to Paradise Falls. When Mr. Fredrickson is threatened to live in the local nursing home, he flies away in his house, carried by balloons. When he is dropped down in an unknown world, he meets a talking dog named Dug. Dug realizes that there are kind humans and he falls in love with Mr. Fredrickson. Mr. Fredrickson learned that he should give up his dreams to save the lives of people he cared for.

6.”I’m a real boy!” –Pinocchio from Pinocchio

                The story of Pinocchio begins with a wooden puppet. With the help of his cricket friend, Jiminy, he becomes a real boy. He then learns to listen to his conscience.

5. “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.” –Lilo from Lilo and Stitch

                Lilo and her sister are living by themselves because their parents died. Lilo does not cooperate with her sister so she is about to be sent to child services. One night, an alien crashes in from space and Lilo takes him in as a pet. They become best friends. Lilo and Stitch learn the power of friendship.

4.”MIKE WAZOWSKI!” –Boo from Monsters Incorporated

                Monsters Inc. is about two monsters that bring a human into their world.  The human, Boo, is thought to be deadly, so it is a hunt for the rest of the monster world. Mike and Sully are trying to keep Boo a secret so when Boo goes missing, it becomes an exciting search. Boo then turned it into a game of hide-n-seek and calls out Mike Wazowski’s name. Mike and Sully learn that Boo is okay and they learn the value of protecting people, or things, that you love.

3. “The claw.” –Aliens from Toy Story

                Toy Story is about a group of toys that come to life and get separated from their owner, Andy. They try to get back to him using teamwork and strategy. These toys are faithful to Andy and learn that friends are family and should never be left behind.

2. “Hakuna Matata.” –Timon and Pumba from The Lion King

                Hakuna Matada is Swahili and translates to “there are no worries.” Simba, the main character of The Lion King, was born to the king of the jungle, Mufasa. Scar is Mufasa’s evil brother who is trying to take the throne. Throughout the movie, Simba learns that he has to face his past and stand up to his responsibilities with help from his friends Timon, who is a meercat, and Pumba, who is a warthog.

Now for the number one quote…

1.”Just keep swimming” –Dory from Finding Nemo

                After the tragedy of losing his wife and eggs, Marlin, the clownfish, finds that his only son left is Nemo. Nemo was captured by humans and he lived in a tank with a variety of fish. On Marlin’s journey to find his son, he learns to accept people for who they are, and to persevere and never give up. In this journey, Marlin receives help from another fish named Dory. Dory is forgetful and keeps singing “just keep swimming” to keep her mind in check. Even though dory gets on the nerves of Marlin, She is his voice of reason and keeps him moving forward.