Él es Armando Alvarez

Joe Wolnik, Advertising Manager

Will Ferrell’s new movie “Casa de mi Padre” may be his most interesting yet. Directed by Matt Piedmont (former writer for Saturday Night Live) features Ferrell in a mostly Spanish film, only one percent English.

“Casa de mi Padre” came out March 16th, but was not too successful in the box office, only grossing two million dollars on opening weekend. Overall, the lack of success is understandable, but the film deserves a bit more credit than it is given.

A round of applause should be given to Ferrell for his surprising ability to speak Spanish. With roles ranging from a racecar driver, anchorman, and a human raised by elves, a Spanish speaking ranchero is a large jump. The sheer idea of him in a Spanish drama is hysterical by itself, but to see it in reality is pure gold for any Ferrell fan.

Ferrell’s character, Armando Alvarez, is a ranchero whose only love is for the land, but his father’s ranch is at threat of being taken away. In his pursuit to save his father’s land Armando gets caught up in the Mexican drug cartel. A surprise role is that of Efren Ramirez (you may know him as Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite”).

The joke of an all-Spanish movie wears off in about 10 minutes, which it just feels like a regular movie from then on. The film has an over-the-top action drama aspect: so many scenes with the cliché body whip around for dramatic effect! This may come off as cheesy or corny, but that is just the type of humor this move dishes out.

One must note “Yo no se”, a song Ferrell sings in the movie, should win best original score for the next Oscars. Random, musical comedy in the midst of situational silliness is a trait Ferrell adds so well to his films.

If one does not like giant talking stuffed white lions (that’s right) or a lot of male rear nudity, this movie may not be for you. This movie is rated R for bloody violence, language, some sexual content, and drug use.

All in all, “Casa de mi Padre” had the potential to be funnier than it was. It was actually disappointing. It seemed to stretch the obnoxious drama story too far that took away from the possible comedy. Five out of ten stars.