A closer look at ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

Alex Seidler, staff writer

The 2012 musical, Fiddler on the Roof, gave its audience a fun filled night of laughs, cries, fear, and excitement. This musical is based off the 1964 book by Joseph Stein and is currently one of the longest running Broadway shows in history.

The musical follows the lives of a Jewish family in the early 1900s that are deeply affected by a stunning change in their religious traditions. The father (David Stobbe) has three daughters (Felicia Warren, Zoe Roechner, and Alana Bravo) who are threatening to break traditions by getting married to men that are of a lower status than they are. He begins to go mad as each of his daughters gets married to a man and traditions are changing, but not all of it has negative results.

The whole cast put on quite a show as every scene kept the audience on their feet. All the songs sang were catchy that they can stay in a person’s head for weeks. Stobbe puts on a remarkable act that will keep anyone’s attention on him. The audience can’t help but laugh at how perfectly his picture perfect depiction of a down-on-his-luck father with daughter problems is displayed. Most of the show is funny and the father can also be seen as sympathetic.

The musical acts are backed up with a wonderful supporting cast and crew with a lot of talent that brings out the heart and soul of the play. Meera Gosein makes an appearance as Fruma Sarah to warn the parents about what will happen if they let one of their daughters marry one of the men. The scene is astonishingly different from the other parts of the musical. There is a feeling of fright and suspension after the scene ends. The cast all worked very hard to put on this performance and in the end it was a success.

“This took a lot of hard practice but in the end I was proud,” says Gosein.

For some this was their first musical and for others, their last. All the performers stood out on stage whether they were a lead or an extra. These performers have a lot to be proud of and they all have much support from their family and friends.

“We all got into character and worked really well together,” says Zoe Roechner.

The show was directed by choir teacher, Mr. Deboer. He had been working with the cast for three months and was very thrilled with how well they performed. “It was a lot of energy here and lively audience,” he says.