Say it Out Loud

Marquel Washington, staff writer

Say what out loud? Say it out loud! This just so happens to be the main concept and the name of the new online radio segment on Party 934 done by several students here at West.

Party 934 is a radio station that is multi-genre and live online 24/7. It does not have a set format; the numerous DJs throughout the day are allowed to play any music they prefer. No two days are ever the same.

Say it Out Loud comes on air every Thursday during the evening. Produced from the facility of the University of St. Francis by Scott McWilliams, the two groups of Joliet West students alternate every other Thursday to talk about different social issues. The student staff includes five Joliet West members: Elissa Chudwin, Rebecca Haller, Joseph Wolnik, Brandon Newberry and Ricky Diaz. Senior Elissa Chudwin and sophomore Ricky Diaz teamed up for the most recent segment, focusing on teen pregnancy.

“I feel that Say it Out Loud can help make a difference in peoples’ lives. We offer resources on issues that usually aren’t the main topic of conversation. Elissa and I do our best to discuss issues that some consider uncomfortable,” said Diaz.

Say it Out Loud gives our community’s teens an opportunity to put their two-cents in on controversial topics that are not necessarily common ones. Previous segments have included positive change, grief, video games and violence and even college.

Just listen up and tune into Say it Out Loud Thursdays over at There’s never a dull moment and it’s a great opportunity to get you thinking.