Say Goodbye, Free pie

Lisandra Bernadet, staff writer

Free Pie Wednesday has been the craze for the past year. It seems like every person who attends Joliet West is there every Wednesday night. Teens flock to Baker’s Square for the delicious pie that’s free with a purchase of a least a drink.  With a deal like that it is no wonder that Baker’s Square is the social hot spot every Wednesday. People wait to be seated for twenty minutes just for a slice of their favorite pie that is not even guaranteed to be in stock.

But soon many of the Free Pie Wednesday’s aficionados will be heartbroken to find out that there will be a greater cost to receive that delectable pie. Within the next few weeks Baker’s Square’s menus will change as well as their free pie gimmick. It will no longer take the purchase of one drink to receive a slice of free pie; it will now require the purchase of a meal or at least a four dollar bowl of soup. The reason for this sudden change is for the lack of profit and horrible tips the servers are receiving. 

Baker’s Square believes that upping the costs in order to receive the free pie will bring in more money to the company and the servers will benefit as well. Unfortunately, this may turn away many of the usual costumers who happen to be teenagers. If it takes eight dollars or more to get a slice of free pie, customers might just go to McDonald’s for their 99 cent apple pie.