Band Feature: Capehart

Anna Simek, staff writer

Omaha/Chicago-based band Capehart is a slamming guitar powered chariot driven by melodious vocals and harmonies. Their newest album, “So the Story Goes” was made with intent on filling the hole between teeny-boppers and cultivated rock aficionados. Two years ago, Capehart left the mellow suburb of Omaha, Nebraska to make music in Chicago. Their mission was to empower the in-demand and cutthroat Chicago music scene to provoke them to produce the best music of their lives. The band began attending shows and writing oodles of music. Their music can fit under several genres since their songs all sound so different. “The Breeze” will charm piano rock enthusiasts while “Bird with No Wings” is a new twist of a cutesy love song.

I discovered Capehart about a year ago through a friend who knows the lead singer, Jason Struebing. I began listening to “A Bird with No Wings” like it was my religion. More recently, I discovered that Capehart is available on iTunes. Their lyrics have been compared to those of Fall Out Boy, but being a big fan of both Fall Out Boy and Capehart, I did not find similarities in any of Capehart’s work.  Although Capehart was influenced by bands like Sugarcult and The Offspring, the influence does not show through in the lyrics or the way Streubing sings, although these bands can all be classified in the same genre.