“A Chemical Imbalance”: A Look inside the 2010 Fall Play

Krista Mehrl, Views Editor

If you’ve ever walked the notorious “band hallway” where all the nerdy and artsy band, choir, and play kids hang out, then you’ve heard about the good reputation that Joliet West’s plays and musicals have earned. Not only are they consistently hilarious and irresistibly engaging, they are a work of the talented actors and actresses that walk those hallways of Joliet West.

This year’s annual fall play is titled, “A Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hide Play.” It tells the outrageous, infamous story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Conflict is displayed throughout the play as the good Dr. Jekyll transforms into the evil Mr. Hyde. Dr. Jekyll’s evil counterpart comes out at the worst possible times, creating suspenseful and awkward situations.

“Through the characters’ obliviousness to the things going on around them and the insane antics Mr. Hyde does in his attempt to kill everyone he sees, this play is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat,” senior actress Kristin Plyer said.

Senior Connor Relyea stars as both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Seniors Michelle Lega and Becky Buechel play the roles of Jekyll’s sister and mother. The archetypal images of a sidekick/cousin and a love interest to the main character are played by seniors A.J. Galli and Kristin Plyer. Sophomore Joey Buechel dresses in drag to snobbish Lday Throckmortonshire. Sophomore Meera Gosein plays her twins daughters, Penelope and Calliope. Jnuiors Day Stobbe and Shiloh Pipping play the Scottish cook and maid, respectively. Freshman Jamie Nies and sophomore Tanya Rondriguez portray the Lieutenant and the constable.

The play will debut on Thursday, November 18 at 7 pm. Other performance dates include Friday, November 19, Saturday, November 20 at 7pm, and Sunday, November 21 at 2:30pm. This must-see performance is sure to be a unique thriller.