Tiger Tales

April 24, 2012

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Isaiah Smith: Living on the Green

Taylor Foote, Views Editor

April 23, 2012

If you ask an athlete what their sport means to them, the more dedicated among them might respond that it’s a passion. That it drives them to do their best, and that it is something they enjoy deeply. Sports serve as an outlet...

Student Athlete Profile: Allison Rodawald

Natalie Mander, Contributing Reporter

April 23, 2012

Three sport athletes are hard to find in most high schools, especially at the freshmen level. Allison Rodawold, however, likes to beat the status quo and excel in some of the toughest sports around. Rodawold was introduced to the sport...

The truth behind activity fees

Ricky Diaz, Sports Editor

April 23, 2012

At Joliet West, students are aware that some activities they compete in are charged with an activity fee. What students may not know, however, is that those prices vary across the different sports and are only a recommendation from the Boa...

Kardashian gets flour bombed

Marquel Washington, Photo Editor

April 23, 2012

How would you feel if you had a baggy of while flour dumped on your head while at a public event? Would you be humiliated or angry? Well according to latest reports, Kim Kardashian’s not too happy about it happening to her. Whi...

A quick music review: Alabama Shakes: “Boys & Girls”

Jordan Kessler, Entertainment Editor

April 23, 2012

Alabama Shakes combines the grittiness of blues, the soulfulness of gospel, and the all-around good time of rock and roll and pulls out their debut album, "Boys & Girls." The four piece band from Athens, Alabama is bringing ...

Taylor Talks: Prom

Taylor Foote, Views Editor

April 23, 2012

Alright children. We all know that PROM is quickly approaching. Why do I use all caps? ‘Cause it’s kind of a big deal, at least for the majority of high school students. The first thing anyone thinks of when they think of a ...

Smartphone must have apps

Audrey Miller, Features Editor

April 23, 2012

Android vs. iPhones seems to be the topic of debate when it comes to which phone is better. One thing is for sure though, smartphones are the most advanced phones on the market, and like the popular Apple commercial has implante...

Él es Armando Alvarez

Joe Wolnik, Advertising Manager

April 23, 2012

Will Ferrell’s new movie "Casa de mi Padre" may be his most interesting yet. Directed by Matt Piedmont (former writer for Saturday Night Live) features Ferrell in a mostly Spanish film, only one percent English. "Casa de mi Padre" ...

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