Workforce training versus higher education

Kelly Plyer, Copy Editor

There has been a lot of controversy about whether students should go straight into the workforce or continue to college after high school. With over 65% of high schoolers continuing to college after high school, more than half believe college is the best bet. But others decide to dive right in and start out in the workforce. Some believe college is too expensive or they don’t think a degree is worth it, or they are undecided on their major. Whatever the reason is, every person has a different solution to post-secondary stress

For some people, trade schools, community colleges, or online classes are more fitting. The Equinox said, “The fact that online education is offered is great especially for the people who want to continue their education, but can’t find the time to commute to a school.” Especially since businesses are looking for more experienced and qualified employees, it is a really smart idea to get a college education or degree. With more experience and qualification, comes higher pay wages. Yes, college can be expensive, but people with a degree start off making a lot more than those who only have a high school diploma. U.S News and World Report states, “A worker with a bachelor’s earned 75 percent more than workers with only high school diplomas; today, that ‘premium’ has risen to 84 percent. In other words, over a lifetime, a bachelor’s is worth $2.8 million on average.”

For the many students who worry about the tuition cost, there are scholarships, FAFSA offers, and other organizations to help make college affordable. Sometimes that isn’t enough for someone to consider going to college. To further encourage students, colleges should go around to high schools promoting the worth of colleges. They should explain all the statistics that prove why college is the best bet. For example, U.S News and World Report shared a statistic that says, “The unemployment rate for young college grads is under 5 percent, compared to more than 13 percent for young people with only a high school diploma.”

Ultimately, college is a great way to get on the right path to whatever career someone wants to pursue. Live Declared said, “Going to college is a must for a lot of career paths and it tends to provide more flexibility.” Some career fields may not need a lot of schooling, but no matter the career path everyone should really think about pursuing a college education. No matter what career a student wants to pursue, a college education almost guarantees better pay. To conclude, college is definitely an option worth exploring.