A New Trainer comes to West

Breeana Meadows, Staff Writer

A new trainer is here, replacing the previous trainer Matt Nohern, and his name is Cory Brown. He studied at Miami University of Ohio, which is in Oxford, Ohio. Before coming to Joliet West he was employed at Crystal Lake Orthopedics. Coming to a school with over 3,000 students isn’t easy, but Cory has done it with ease. Not only does he have a new baby at home, whose name is Jack, but he has to divide the attention between approximately 250 football players, tennis, poms, cheer, and boys’ soccer at the same time.

Things can get a little hectic during the fall and spring seasons. A trainer’s job is to help out when someone is hurt or injured. That includes, but is not limited to, wrapping ankles, give exercises that would help elevate the pain and traveling with players to away games. Although it is a busy job, he says “My favorite thing about my job is working with athletes because it allows me to help someone who is dedicated to a sport.”

Senior, Samantha MacInnes worked with the previous trainer and sometimes the new one, commented that “Not only did we have to tape wrists, hands and open wounds but we had to identify the injuries before we taped them.” This gives the people helping with the trainer more in depth knowledge of what it’s like and they help him on the field whenever he needs help. Although he is new, Joliet west welcomes Cory Brown to our tiger family.