The experience of a student worker

Mariah Brooks, Features Editor

Many students at Joliet West choose to get a job once they turn 16. Some even start at the age of 15, after they
submit their workers permit. Jakiya Mcwright, a junior at Joliet West, is a very hard working student. While balancing her school work and being on the Junior class committee she also works 25 hours a week.

She works at Buffalo Wild Wings and she makes 13 $/hr. She works 5 days a week, and her days off are usually Saturday or Sunday. When she does work on the weekends they tend to be really busy, but the weekdays are slow for the most part.

Jakiya is a very flexible worker, as her job changes on a daily basis depending on what is needed. What she does on a daily basis changes depending on what’s needed for that day. She’s either a cashier, host, or an expo. An expo is basically someone who puts food on the trays.

Jakiya’s favorite part of the job besides the money, is the staff. She said, “Everyone looks out for each other at my job, and it makes working these so much better.”

Although she doesn’t work with anyone else from Joliet West, most of her coworkers go to Joliet Central or Lincoln Way.

Being a student with a job is no joke. There’s a lot of responsibilities that come with being a student, and working a job. Not only do you have to worry about your assignments being on time, you also have to worry about being to work on time.