The night evil came home


Jared White, Features Editor

Halloween is directed by David Gordon Green and stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle both reprise their roles as horror movie icons Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. In this film, Laurie is an agoraphobic who has been preparing for the past 40 years for the inevitable return of Michael Myers. Her goal was to once and for all kill the boogeyman.

This film is the official sequel to the original 1978 film of the same name. As well as retcons all other Halloween films following the 1978 film. The 2018 release does to a tremendous job at carrying on the story of the original in true John Carpenter fashion. Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the best parts of the film with her performance of Laurie Strode. Curtis’ performance is very genuine in practically every scene she is in. Halloween does have some jump scares. However, horror is not jump scare, after jump scare, after jump scare. Horror is about using tension to make the audience feel on edge and to feel afraid. Halloween plays this to a T with long drawn out scenes, of Michael’s breathing from the mask, or the use of lighting in a scene. Often times you don’t see Michael doing the kills, most of the time you are shown the aftermath. The director David Green made the decision to only show enough of the kill to where you as the audience would fill in the blanks in order to make you squirm. Some imagery in the film does pay homage to the original.

Not just for nostalgic purposes but also done with a twist. JB Angel, a junior at Joliet West says, “I found this movie frustrating with some aspects of the movie”. This is due to comedy that is spread throughout the film. This in turn makes the film at times seem unfocused. Which causes a lot of scenes or even subplots to be quite unnecessary only to have little impact on the main story. The same goes for a lot of the characters in the film.

The film does serve its purpose as a slasher horror film, now it isn’t a bad film either. To be completely honest Halloween (2018) is a disappointing Halloween film.