School newspaper fandom


Skyler Brennan shows her love of Tiger Tales by posing for a picture with two copies.

Patrick O'Connell, Editor-in-Chief

As a member of symphonic band, marching band, orchestra, and poms, junior Skyler Brennan is very involved and well-known at West, but something not many of us know is that she also happens to be Tiger Tales’ biggest fan.

When Skyler was asked how she became a fan of Tiger Tales, she replied, “I guess it all started when Ms. Hervey passed away.  I just kind of picked up the paper, curious, and read the article about her. I couldn’t help but think about how beautiful the piece was. I never knew Ms. Hervey personally, but I thought the paper was a great way to remember her.”

After this first experience with the paper, Skyler became hooked. She was intrigued by the fact that Joliet West students wrote all of the articles and designed the pages. She then wanted to see what else Tiger Tales had to offer.

Certain parts of the paper that she likes include: Jewel and Junker, advice pieces, comics, the photospreads, quizzes, and the Mr. and Miss athletes. Skyler also appreciates the Tiger Tales staff for taking time out of their day to write for it. Skyler also feels a certain level of sophistication by reading Tiger Tales.

Aside from just reading Tiger Tales, Skyler also collects Tiger Tales for the memories it holds. “I realized, when I’m an adult, I just might look back on these,” commented Skyler.