All about Sheehan

Patrick O'Connell, Editor-in-Chief

National Honors Society sponsor and English teacher extraordinaire, Mrs. Sheehan has been a well-known figure around these parts for twelve years now. Many of us have or had her as a teacher or work with her, so many of us are accustomed to her kindness and caring personality.

Mrs. Sheehan will admit that she is an open book when it comes to telling people about herself. She has worked a wide array of jobs including: running a dialysis center, cleaning homes, working in an emergency room, bartending, prepping people for court at a workman’s compensation law office, waitressing, managing a restaurant, and of course teaching.

Mrs. Sheehan decided to become a teacher because she wanted to impact her students’ lives much like how her teachers impacted her. Teaching literature also allowed her to share her love of literature with her students and she loves learning from her students and co-workers.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, Mrs. Sheehan grew up in a traditional Catholic family in a close-knit, working class neighborhood. Although her family was economically disadvantaged, she didn’t even realize it until later in life.

Mrs. Sheehan’s high school experience was not so great. She was a C student because she did not take school seriously. Part of this was due to working 32 hours a week at a pizza parlor, which left her exhausted all of the time. It wasn’t until college that she began taking school seriously.

Mrs. Sheehan first went to Governor’s State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in English and then later got her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from there. Later on, she received another Master’s Degree from National Louis University in Curriculum and Instruction.

When asked what her favorite thing was, she replied with her grandchildren. Mrs. Sheehan adores her family. Some things that not many people know about her are that she is a huge soccer fan and that she has a daughter who is also a teacher at West, Miss Sheehan. As for hobbies, Mrs. Sheehan is an avid reader, enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and attending her grandchildren’s sporting events.

Mrs. Sheehan is much adored by her students and co-workers. “I’ve had the pleasure to have Mrs. Sheehan as a teacher for two years. Not only does she teach English, but rewarding life lessons as well,” says senior Justine Carlson. Mrs. Sheehan really is an extraordinary person and a great teacher.