Tiger Tales

Artist profile: Ronnie Day

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

December 7, 2012

Ronnie Day (Ronald Guglielmone) was born in January of 1988. After testing out of high school at the age of 16, Day began giving guitar lessons. Once Day gained the money to buy recording equipment, he locked himself in his room...

Does the walking taco send people running?

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

October 26, 2012

Recently at Joliet West, an addition to the menu has been made. The walking taco, or taco in a bag, was an unexpected surprise to all the students. Some students argue that the walking taco is delicious, while others say that...

Why is eating health so hard?

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

October 17, 2012

When in high school, most students have insanely busy schedules. Because of this, many teenagers do not have time to prepare healthy meals or have a healthy eating schedule. Maybe you are the person that is so busy that you are...

Top ten Disney moments

Brie Gonda and Alex Buldak

October 17, 2012

  In all the lives that fill the building of Joliet West, the imaginative and heart touching stories of Disney/Pixar movies have captured our attention and provided us with memories that will never be forgotten, unless you ge...

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