Straight Outta Compton: Movie review


“Straight Outta Compton” was extremely successful at its release in August. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Iaya Bacot , Assistant Photo Editor

The autobiographical film Straight Outta Compton was the number one movie out this past August. The movie was released on Thursday, August 17th, generating sixty million dollars on the opening weekend and is continuing to gross over a hundred and twenty million dollars and counting. The movie is based on how five hip hop icons, (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Mc Ren, Dj Yella and Eazy E,) completed their journey and made it out of Compton and into music heard globally, inspiring a lot of very well-known rappers and artists today.

Straight Outta Compton has touched all the people who grew up in the early 90’s era. Fans stated that the movie was strictly for those who knew the music and grew up listening to it. Movie critics gave the movie four out of five stars, saying the movie was very well put together and the actors really played their roles. Charlotte O’Sullivan from This Is London said “The young cast are so convincing on stage, it’s easy to forget you’re not watching the real thing.” David Edwards from Daily Mirror in the United Kingdom agreed, exclaiming, “For fans only!”

On the other hand, others felt that the portrayal of Eazy E’s character wasn’t displayed to its full potential and it has some low dragging points throughout the movie. Also, the question of why some parts of each individual’s lives were left out came up a lot. The heartfelt movie explained how the group got started on their career and how they overcame all the negative influences in their home town of Compton. Fans say this is a must see film. The movie continues to be number one and considered one of the greatest auto biographical movies of all time.